Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Crashed at Diana's crib yesterday with Prex, then started calling the rest of the gang for Max's Chicken-All-You-Can. Boy were we full! :D Prex and I takes the cake for eating 6 chickens. I die!! Speaking of cake, Gigi just had his birthday, and in order to get free cake I talked to the manager and told him that it's his birthday. hihi :> :> too bad I wasn't there when the crew sang, I was fetching my boyfriend outside. BUMMER :| anyway, I just missed everyone. It's been a while since I actually showed myself. *sorry* but I'm catching up for loss time. I love these people, I'd do anything for them.

TPG were there early coz' we didn't think anyone else would follow. and do I mean early, we were there 530, and the promo doesn't start till 6. sino excited?
L-R: Nix, Alyssa, Prex, Diana, Gilbert

One of my good friends since 1st year HS, Alyssa.

You'll never find someone like these two, they're such a tag team, I love them soo much.

Josh and Erom, aren't they just the cutest? :> We've only known Erom for a while now, but he's just a perfect addition to our family. :D
sorry for the poor pic :| the two was too busy being adorable. hihi

as for Prex and Choob, I'll wait for Diana's uploads. haha. these we're the only pics I could find at the moment. I love you both. :D

pics were just from random gadgets, I mean literally, we have everything with except cameras. :)) oh the lazy!

xx, nix
dinner date with Prex, Alyssa, Diana, Gilbert, Josh, Erom and my one and only. it was once of our best nights ever. I missed everyone together. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, La Salle!

okay, what a super late post. sorry :|

La Salle just celebrated it's 100th birthday last Thursday. Wooo! Soo glad I got to be a part of it. Food was great, Music was awesome (bands were rockin it! too bad Kwon's show was cut short. BOO!!), the bazaar was interesting (almost did a shopping spree. haha. bought my babe and I centennial shirts, I got a pair of cool new glasses, and the La Salle star necklace. cooolio!) the crowd was insaaaaaane. Tell me about jampacked, people. Literally, DLSU-manila was full. There were times when you really need to walk sidewards just to get by. :)) All in all it was a great experience. The coordinators did an awesome job. too bad I missed the pyromusical thingy... got class the following day. :|

Thanks for coming with me, babe. I love you. xx

xx, nix
man, did I miss taft! too bad no happy thursday that day. all the bars were crowded was well. DUH!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blog Booster

Just found this new app, soo proud :)

Blog Booster, blog as you walk people. Still being techy and trying to test this out, so far so good. though there's no way to check people I follow, it's clearly just for blogging.

Will try to upload snapshots later, wifi here sucks.

xx, nix
Hold on for my DLSU's Centennial and PBA game post. a lot went down this week. hopefully there's enough pichazz :D soo much for 1st week of classes.

And yes, this post is via blogbooster. Chyeaaa!BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rain Rain

woke up early and found the sky ever so dark. rain was hella hard... and it went on the whole day. GAAAHH!
went to school today, enrolled for the sem. mind me for saying I got one fucked up sched :)) will prolly adjust and add more on the 13th but for now, look how chillax my sched is. what is tamad?

anyway, babe and I went to trinoma after. bought tickets first coz we were too early (Trinoma looks good when there's only a few people. haha), played at Timezone and ate while waiting for the our screening of HANGOVER II. chyeaaa!! everyone who watched the 1st one has to watch this. AWESOME WOLFPACK! :D enough talking before I spoil any details. hihi. WATCH IT!

babe has such bad editing skills, good thing you can cook :)) I LOVE YOU, BABY. :D

forgive us if this is being too cheesy, I wanted to try this photobooth thingy for ages. hihi.

as always, after movies and stuff went to Uncle Tats, played for a while before going home. we are such addicts for billiards :| :|

xx, nix
I'm telling you people, watch HANGOVER II.
"BANGKOK has him now" -what you'll hear over and over again :))

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Sorry girls, I just had to! :))



we're such dalagas now. and everyone's taken. :)))

stands for Dianne, Abie, Mitch, Nix
though, never nasunod sa arrangement namin sa pics :))

xx, nix
girls' day out next week? :D sama niyo ako!!!! haha
gaaaah! namiss ko talaga kayo. :))

Lino's 20th

Went to G5 for Lino's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D It was super fun! got reunited with my DLSU friends. God, I missed them! Since I didn't bring my cam, I'm still waiting for everyone else to upload (please hurry! haha). I'll be using the pics to tell what happened. so, for now here's the gang. :)

I missed you guys. :) I'll show up more often. haha.

(clockwise "starting from me": Nix, Bene, Mitch, Miguel, Lance, Abie, Jaja, Sonny, Jed, Dianne, Choob)
we're one big happy family. teheee :D


xx, nix
oh yea! pics are from Sonny's cam. hihihi. credits. :D