Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lino's 20th

Went to G5 for Lino's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D It was super fun! got reunited with my DLSU friends. God, I missed them! Since I didn't bring my cam, I'm still waiting for everyone else to upload (please hurry! haha). I'll be using the pics to tell what happened. so, for now here's the gang. :)

I missed you guys. :) I'll show up more often. haha.

(clockwise "starting from me": Nix, Bene, Mitch, Miguel, Lance, Abie, Jaja, Sonny, Jed, Dianne, Choob)
we're one big happy family. teheee :D


xx, nix
oh yea! pics are from Sonny's cam. hihihi. credits. :D

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