Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Crashed at Diana's crib yesterday with Prex, then started calling the rest of the gang for Max's Chicken-All-You-Can. Boy were we full! :D Prex and I takes the cake for eating 6 chickens. I die!! Speaking of cake, Gigi just had his birthday, and in order to get free cake I talked to the manager and told him that it's his birthday. hihi :> :> too bad I wasn't there when the crew sang, I was fetching my boyfriend outside. BUMMER :| anyway, I just missed everyone. It's been a while since I actually showed myself. *sorry* but I'm catching up for loss time. I love these people, I'd do anything for them.

TPG were there early coz' we didn't think anyone else would follow. and do I mean early, we were there 530, and the promo doesn't start till 6. sino excited?
L-R: Nix, Alyssa, Prex, Diana, Gilbert

One of my good friends since 1st year HS, Alyssa.

You'll never find someone like these two, they're such a tag team, I love them soo much.

Josh and Erom, aren't they just the cutest? :> We've only known Erom for a while now, but he's just a perfect addition to our family. :D
sorry for the poor pic :| the two was too busy being adorable. hihi

as for Prex and Choob, I'll wait for Diana's uploads. haha. these we're the only pics I could find at the moment. I love you both. :D

pics were just from random gadgets, I mean literally, we have everything with except cameras. :)) oh the lazy!

xx, nix
dinner date with Prex, Alyssa, Diana, Gilbert, Josh, Erom and my one and only. it was once of our best nights ever. I missed everyone together. :)

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