Friday, July 29, 2011

Vans TriNoma Opening

Went to TriNoma yesterday with no other than the boyfriend for Vans' Grand Opening and the Hello Kitty Mall Tour which I blogged about here. We bought new tops from Vans, got free shirts as well for following them on Twitter and liking their Facebook. Yay for us! I'm waiting for Vans Ph Manila to upload the pictures from yesterday. hihi. Can't wait!

finally!!! look how big the store is. :)

Hello Kitty stuff to welcome you.

can somebody agree with me on how cute this will look on the little ones? :D

ala-chris brown stuff

1/3 of the store's collection

spot Vans Hello Kitty in STATUS' August issue, I think?

check out time! :)

Vans' lovely helpers. I forgot the name of our ate. sorry! :| she followed us around for almost an hour 'coz babe can't decide what to buy. hihi. she's the 2nd one from the left. :D

the happy couple :D

top: Thrifted | shorts: Levi's | shoes: Vans, Authentic | bag: Thrifted | assorted accessories: Bangkok and Bazaar 

here are some of the cutsie shoes that Vans has to offer, following the Hello Kitty tour and all. oh and btw, I'm actually eye-ing these three. Saving up for one. GAH! My boyfriend has more influence on me than he knows :| :| :))

xx, nix
visit Vans Concept Store, TriNoma located at the Ground Floor near National Book Store :)
what a photo dump post. lol
check out some of my stylings for Vans here

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vans Ph x Hello Kitty Mall Tour

My boyfriend and I are such Vans fans, mostly him. haha! And to have a Vans Concept Store nearby would save us the agony of going all the way to Glorietta just to check out what's new. So join us in the Grand Opening of Vans Concept Store in TriNoma tomorrow! 

I think the photo will be telling all the details. :))

for more info on their mall tour check out their sched below.
and for more updates add Vans Ph Manila on Facebook.

xx, nix
see you guys tomorrow!!
oh and btw, don't forget to rock them Vans tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rihanna's Faux Hawk, Yes?

Since my boyfriend just got his hair done yesterday-sounds like a girl which btw looked totally awesooome-maybe too much for some but looks absolutely perfect to me made me want to get my hair done as well. I was soo jelly, he already 2 trips to the salon and none for me. My hair is such a mess now. gah! Anyway, I'm obsessing over Riri's (close kami. lol!) Faux Hawk hair. My boyfriend and I would look totally badass with his detailed mohawk and my faux hawk! Just saying. :))

what is hardcore hair???? O.o

OH! here's what my BF's hair looks like trip 1 and trip 2 to the salon :))
Trip 1: (lame shot) had his mohawk at just some salon near my place. he had been wanting this for the longest time! finally had the guts to make it happen. so proud! 
Trip 2: funny story, we were at techno hub and we were suppose to go up and buy food at KFC, on the way there we stopped by Bench Fix to ask if they can do details cuts. TADAAA!!! My bebe boy's face lit up. haha. we ended up at the salon than eating. got his mohawk fixed and the detail he keeps bugging me about. :P THUNDAH!! 

xx, nix
comments and suggestions are very much appreciated right now. :D

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary Gold Dot

Gold Dot is celebrating its first year in the business and they just released their July Collection. Here are some of the awesomely themed campaign photos featuring amazing bloggers from the fashion community.

L-F: Lloyda Lim of Fashionista Fortune CookieKarl Leuterio of Totally InkarlceratingKookie Buhain of Death by PlatformsMike Magallanes of Toxic Disco Boy

as for my have to be in my shoe rack list, here's what will hopefully be mine. :))
Kookie Booties Beige
Karl Slingbacks Black

xx, nix
can Christmas come early this year? hihi.
maybe it can! for GD's anniversary, Melai Entuna of Style and Soul is giving away P1,000 worth of GC courtesy of Gold DotJoin here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Harry Potter & Red Shoes

Yesterday, we finally got time to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. YAY FOR ME! Went with the boyfriend (ofcourse) and our brothers. How sweet are we? lol. oh! and can I just say how awesome it was? yes, people I am a fan, but not THAT much. hihi.

So Choob convinced me to wear my Vans today so we'd be all matchy (we're that cheesy sometimes) and to wear the top he gave me. Trivia: He bought me the top 'coz I always make "tampo" when go goes to bazaars and sales and didn't bring me with him. Was feeling really laid back that day and looks like it was about to rain so the get-up was kinda perfect for my mood and I guess my boyfriend was feeling the same way. :)

Anyway, here's our matchy-matchy outfits?
On me: Top - Zara | Shorts - Levi's | Shoes - Authentic Vans | Accessories and Ballers (not seen in the pics. sorry) - bazaar, PLRD shop and Lollipop
On Choob: White shirt - I forgot what brand :| :)) | Jeans - Guess | Shoes - Spitfire Vans | Watch - G-Shock | Baller (again, not seen) - PLRD shop

Some paparazzi pics our brothers took

how can I not post this? it's my boyfriend's fave pic. haha. like seriously, it's his wallpaper and DP in facebook. lol. what is proud?

xx, nix
I LOOK FAT IN THE PICTURES :| oh well! might as well this or nothing :))
this really is turning to a couple blog. haha. I think it's fun.
will be featuring this new Nail Boutique soon. watch out for it! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr. Sun Sun

here's that update on that black and whites, Rob finally got to upload and its been a while since I posted something here. why not share, yea? :) I know, I know, it's still really NOT an outfit post but what the hell. I'm in it for once :))

 shades were trending that day. lol. WHAT IS MAINIT?

 oh hello there Mr. Sun :|

xx, nix
spot us on TriNoma on Thursday. will finally be watching HP with our brothers. yes, we're that tight. lol! food trip!! :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

black & whites

today's outfit post
it was a regular day, so no need to dress up -school-kubo-gala ng onti-tats-home. actually got home early today. I was at my steps before 8, I think? RECORD TIME! haha. babe and I were tired, it was a long day so we decided to head home early for a change >:))
here's the catch, I don't have pictures of me wearing the outfit-well I do but it's with rob so I'll be waiting for him to upload. which I hope he will. on the other hand, I have this!

Ripped top | Artwork
Jeans | People are People: Denim Spice
Shoes | Figliarina
Bag | SM department store
Shades | Folded n' Hung
Earring | Online: Kircs Urfashionspot

will make for a more high-res photo next time. sarrreh :D

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chill Day

went out yesterday with my long lost friends -NOT! practically chilled the whole day. met up with my friends (Prex, Gilbert, Ate Marika) at Jack's Loft, Trinoma. Had dinner at Teriyaki Boy. Went straight to Uncle Tats coz' we felt like chilling more, plus the boyfriend was there. hihi.

here's the thing, there was-again no outfit post. I'm such a failure! though I will try my best to share what I wore. We were too busy having fun. sarrreeeh. :)

It was very chilly yesterday with all the rain, so I wore something very laid back and comfy.
1. Denim Varsity Jacket (spot my pic with Gi. I swear the camera adds 20lbs! :| still a wicked jacket) : HK
2. Black Tank : Arizona
3. DIY shorts : FnH
4. Accessories: Bazaar
5. Shoes: Keds

xx, nix
there are always those friends that are slipping away, nevertheless make them feel that you still care for them. that's what friends are for, yea? through thick or thin, baby.
shout out to V, I MISS YOU!!! anyone who knows her and is reading this, let her know. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Styling: Vans

My boyfriend is pretty much into that skater look and he wanted me to try it for like ever. Since I got my new shoes today, why not try make an outfit out of it. though I am warning you, I'm not going for that skater vibe (well, I'll still try). I'm styling some stuff that I would actually wear.

Here's my new baby-which I will try to incorporate to my everyday wardrobe. Red Canvass shoes from Vans.

this style is "how can I say this"... ME. Laid back and accessories overload.
1. Authentics, Vans
2. Daisy Dukes
3. Blue Cardigan/Sweater
4. DIY Tees
5. Feather Earring
6. Statement Rings

this is more like that boho chic. (still not skater style. sorry)
1. Authentic, Vans
2. Bandage Skirt
3. White Tank Tops
4. Bangles
5. Chiffon Scarf
6. Body Bag

this 3rd look is skate meets class. you think?
this is the closest I could get. hihi.
1. Authentic, Vans
2. Boyfriend Jeans
3. Grey Beanie
4. Nude/Beige Top
5. Silver Bangles
6. Red Belt

xx, nix
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papasa na bang stylist?
tell me what you think. :D

Kircs Urfashionspot

the trend these days... FEATHERS.
luckily for me I found this online shop which sells cheap feather earrings that are just awesome.

Add them on Facebook

my 1st purchase were these fab Peacock Earrings. can't wait to wear them!

I was soo proud with my first purchase that I decided to buy another. this time, ear cuffs (I think it's really cool. haha). I swear people, these are a steal. :D

Kircs has more stuff for you. here's a sneak peak of their awesome collections.

xx, nix
I go crazy of accessories. lol! happy shopping everyone. :D

Friday, July 8, 2011

Shoe List

I've been dying to buy shoes lately. But I always end up with jeans or a top. :| anyway, here are some of the shoesies I've been eye-ing on. This is comepletely subjective and random. and up to now there's still decision making.

fun fact: I don't wear heels much (but I want to. kung pwede lang everyday). My height is not that tall and not that short, FYI I'm a 5'3 (is that good?). Problem is, I have short friends. Imagine how awkward it looks like being the tallest in the group. another is my beloved family, most of them are short as well. LOL. but my boyfriend is tall, but I always don't have the guts to wear dress up shoes when he's around. oh maybe coz' we play pool all the time. shizzz :|

the everyday, wear with whatever wedge. 522 by VirtualMae

I soo want this! Still saving up. might buy it next week Chelsea-Cream by Gold Dot

another shoe from Gold Dot. I swear, I can wear everything in their collections. This one just stood out. plus-again, I can wear this with anything. Charm Wedges by Gold Dot

I've always wanted bright colored shoes. I think these two would be perfect :D both from FivebyFive

as you all might have notices, I'm a sucker for wedges. but
there's always the exception. :D the Jessica Simpson inspired platforms are just the cutest. and so are the miu miu inspired ones are just adorable! is it not? both by FivebyFive
both pics are from The Walking Recessionista. I'm telling you people she's awesome. :D

xx, nix
just felt like posting my to-buy-list. or more like to-save-for-list