Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kircs Urfashionspot

the trend these days... FEATHERS.
luckily for me I found this online shop which sells cheap feather earrings that are just awesome.

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my 1st purchase were these fab Peacock Earrings. can't wait to wear them!

I was soo proud with my first purchase that I decided to buy another. this time, ear cuffs (I think it's really cool. haha). I swear people, these are a steal. :D

Kircs has more stuff for you. here's a sneak peak of their awesome collections.

xx, nix
I go crazy of accessories. lol! happy shopping everyone. :D


  1. Hello Nix! :) What a coincidence! I also purchased from Kircs! Will be having the tassel earrings tomorrow ♥

  2. awesome! the have greats buys, yea? :D

  3. wow!thank you so much sis!ur so nice i love ur blog!♥ ♥ ♥ :D

  4. no, thank you! :D can't wait to buy more. :))