Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chill Day

went out yesterday with my long lost friends -NOT! practically chilled the whole day. met up with my friends (Prex, Gilbert, Ate Marika) at Jack's Loft, Trinoma. Had dinner at Teriyaki Boy. Went straight to Uncle Tats coz' we felt like chilling more, plus the boyfriend was there. hihi.

here's the thing, there was-again no outfit post. I'm such a failure! though I will try my best to share what I wore. We were too busy having fun. sarrreeeh. :)

It was very chilly yesterday with all the rain, so I wore something very laid back and comfy.
1. Denim Varsity Jacket (spot my pic with Gi. I swear the camera adds 20lbs! :| still a wicked jacket) : HK
2. Black Tank : Arizona
3. DIY shorts : FnH
4. Accessories: Bazaar
5. Shoes: Keds

xx, nix
there are always those friends that are slipping away, nevertheless make them feel that you still care for them. that's what friends are for, yea? through thick or thin, baby.
shout out to V, I MISS YOU!!! anyone who knows her and is reading this, let her know. :)

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