Thursday, July 14, 2011

black & whites

today's outfit post
it was a regular day, so no need to dress up -school-kubo-gala ng onti-tats-home. actually got home early today. I was at my steps before 8, I think? RECORD TIME! haha. babe and I were tired, it was a long day so we decided to head home early for a change >:))
here's the catch, I don't have pictures of me wearing the outfit-well I do but it's with rob so I'll be waiting for him to upload. which I hope he will. on the other hand, I have this!

Ripped top | Artwork
Jeans | People are People: Denim Spice
Shoes | Figliarina
Bag | SM department store
Shades | Folded n' Hung
Earring | Online: Kircs Urfashionspot

will make for a more high-res photo next time. sarrreh :D

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