Thursday, July 7, 2011


one year and runnin' :)
here's to my lover & I for reaching 365 (last 070111). I love this guy to death, nothing can tear us apart. He's for keeps. ♥

this shot wasn't really on our anniversary, this was our pre-valentines shoot. our pics was too crappy and haggard. it's not blog material or the pics are to silly lang talaga. LOL.

xx, nix
I really need my new cam, mother. hihi! once I get my cam, I swear, I'll try to start with my outfit posts. who knows, my attempt for a fashion blog might actually push through. OHHELPMEGOD. OMG! I just realized, this blog is revolving around us (Babe & I). haha. it's like a couple-blog-thingy. NOT NICE :| :| :))

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