Friday, July 8, 2011

Shoe List

I've been dying to buy shoes lately. But I always end up with jeans or a top. :| anyway, here are some of the shoesies I've been eye-ing on. This is comepletely subjective and random. and up to now there's still decision making.

fun fact: I don't wear heels much (but I want to. kung pwede lang everyday). My height is not that tall and not that short, FYI I'm a 5'3 (is that good?). Problem is, I have short friends. Imagine how awkward it looks like being the tallest in the group. another is my beloved family, most of them are short as well. LOL. but my boyfriend is tall, but I always don't have the guts to wear dress up shoes when he's around. oh maybe coz' we play pool all the time. shizzz :|

the everyday, wear with whatever wedge. 522 by VirtualMae

I soo want this! Still saving up. might buy it next week Chelsea-Cream by Gold Dot

another shoe from Gold Dot. I swear, I can wear everything in their collections. This one just stood out. plus-again, I can wear this with anything. Charm Wedges by Gold Dot

I've always wanted bright colored shoes. I think these two would be perfect :D both from FivebyFive

as you all might have notices, I'm a sucker for wedges. but
there's always the exception. :D the Jessica Simpson inspired platforms are just the cutest. and so are the miu miu inspired ones are just adorable! is it not? both by FivebyFive
both pics are from The Walking Recessionista. I'm telling you people she's awesome. :D

xx, nix
just felt like posting my to-buy-list. or more like to-save-for-list


  1. omg. i love the pink floral one! :))
    getting one!
    defenitely we'll go shoe shopping when u get here! :*

  2. SHOE SHOPPING :"> :"> I'll bring flipflops lang when we go there. so there'll be space on my bag for new ones. lol