Friday, July 22, 2011

Harry Potter & Red Shoes

Yesterday, we finally got time to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. YAY FOR ME! Went with the boyfriend (ofcourse) and our brothers. How sweet are we? lol. oh! and can I just say how awesome it was? yes, people I am a fan, but not THAT much. hihi.

So Choob convinced me to wear my Vans today so we'd be all matchy (we're that cheesy sometimes) and to wear the top he gave me. Trivia: He bought me the top 'coz I always make "tampo" when go goes to bazaars and sales and didn't bring me with him. Was feeling really laid back that day and looks like it was about to rain so the get-up was kinda perfect for my mood and I guess my boyfriend was feeling the same way. :)

Anyway, here's our matchy-matchy outfits?
On me: Top - Zara | Shorts - Levi's | Shoes - Authentic Vans | Accessories and Ballers (not seen in the pics. sorry) - bazaar, PLRD shop and Lollipop
On Choob: White shirt - I forgot what brand :| :)) | Jeans - Guess | Shoes - Spitfire Vans | Watch - G-Shock | Baller (again, not seen) - PLRD shop

Some paparazzi pics our brothers took

how can I not post this? it's my boyfriend's fave pic. haha. like seriously, it's his wallpaper and DP in facebook. lol. what is proud?

xx, nix
I LOOK FAT IN THE PICTURES :| oh well! might as well this or nothing :))
this really is turning to a couple blog. haha. I think it's fun.
will be featuring this new Nail Boutique soon. watch out for it! :)

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