Friday, July 29, 2011

Vans TriNoma Opening

Went to TriNoma yesterday with no other than the boyfriend for Vans' Grand Opening and the Hello Kitty Mall Tour which I blogged about here. We bought new tops from Vans, got free shirts as well for following them on Twitter and liking their Facebook. Yay for us! I'm waiting for Vans Ph Manila to upload the pictures from yesterday. hihi. Can't wait!

finally!!! look how big the store is. :)

Hello Kitty stuff to welcome you.

can somebody agree with me on how cute this will look on the little ones? :D

ala-chris brown stuff

1/3 of the store's collection

spot Vans Hello Kitty in STATUS' August issue, I think?

check out time! :)

Vans' lovely helpers. I forgot the name of our ate. sorry! :| she followed us around for almost an hour 'coz babe can't decide what to buy. hihi. she's the 2nd one from the left. :D

the happy couple :D

top: Thrifted | shorts: Levi's | shoes: Vans, Authentic | bag: Thrifted | assorted accessories: Bangkok and Bazaar 

here are some of the cutsie shoes that Vans has to offer, following the Hello Kitty tour and all. oh and btw, I'm actually eye-ing these three. Saving up for one. GAH! My boyfriend has more influence on me than he knows :| :| :))

xx, nix
visit Vans Concept Store, TriNoma located at the Ground Floor near National Book Store :)
what a photo dump post. lol
check out some of my stylings for Vans here

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