Monday, August 1, 2011

Best Love Song

We just celebrated our 13th monthsary today. I'm one proud girlfriend! Despite our crazy love quarrels we managed to make our love stronger than ever. Here's to us, babe and may the force be with us always.

T-pain - Best Love Song


I managed to leave my DLSR again at home, sorry. All we had were pics from my Ipod. As for our date, the ever famous TriNoma. lol. I went with him to buy new shoes, had lunch at, wait for it... Jollibee!! We were thinking of somewhere new to eat, then we realized to go back to the basics, we never tried eating there. hihi. Went around then chilled at Jack's Loft after.

As for the song, I'm completely inlove with it. The melody, the lyrics, CB, ughhhhh! 

forgive our pictures. we enjoyed the LomoApp too much. :D

xx, nix
rain was on and off today. talk about climate change. hope you guys are okay despite the crazy weather. :)

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  1. you two look soo cute! i've always been a fan. :)