Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Indies x Tassel Mania

Tassel Earring Mania!! Do you know where to get yours??

My desire for affordable tassel earrings are loooong gone, thanks to my newly found well not really online shop  Indies. Tassel earrings from 1.5" to merely 8", chained to beaded ones, plain colors to mixed, Indies has it all! Coolio, right? But there's more to them than just awesomely made tassel earrings which btw, you can ask them for custom ones, their items vary from different kinds of accessories that won't leave your wallets in agony. 

Be Bad. Be Bold. Be Different

Here's a sneak peak of their wide accessory collection.
pictures below are from Indies

xx, nix
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I honestly can't wait to use mine, my tassel earrings ofcourse! got the 4" B&W mix and the 6" Purple one. :) 

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