Monday, August 15, 2011

SOL: Made in Brazil

Congratulations to Ad Create's SOL: Made in Brazil at Decagon last night, it was a total hit! Saw a lot of people there including my former blockmates. Even spotted Vern Enciso of A Shoe Tale, she was part of the fashion show, too bad I didn't get a chance to meet her. Next time ;)

ANYWAY! Before I get too emotional on what happened that night, might as well just share a few pictures. only had few, boo! I was MIA most of the time don't ask why and I left early due to unfortunate events. Still had a great time. Thank you for the invite, loves :D

photos from Dianne Lino

 (l-r) mitch, sonny, abie, jedd, me 

 (L-R) john, bene, me, miguel, mitch (yes, this is mitch #2. hihi)

(L-R) mitch, bene, lance, dianne, mitch
I fell down here. haha! what is tipsy?

Mitch and Abie both looking very chic :) 
*linooo, we have no picture together, a proper one that is. haha

ofcourse, a picture with the boyfriend. it was our ONLY picture :|

sm department store top | folded n hung shorts | mitch's leather vest | belt from a bazaar | necklace from bangkok | random bangles | kircs urfashionspot earrings | leaveland shoes 

xx, nix
did you go? share me your solMNL experience :)

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