Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rain Rain

woke up early and found the sky ever so dark. rain was hella hard... and it went on the whole day. GAAAHH!
went to school today, enrolled for the sem. mind me for saying I got one fucked up sched :)) will prolly adjust and add more on the 13th but for now, look how chillax my sched is. what is tamad?

anyway, babe and I went to trinoma after. bought tickets first coz we were too early (Trinoma looks good when there's only a few people. haha), played at Timezone and ate while waiting for the our screening of HANGOVER II. chyeaaa!! everyone who watched the 1st one has to watch this. AWESOME WOLFPACK! :D enough talking before I spoil any details. hihi. WATCH IT!

babe has such bad editing skills, good thing you can cook :)) I LOVE YOU, BABY. :D

forgive us if this is being too cheesy, I wanted to try this photobooth thingy for ages. hihi.

as always, after movies and stuff went to Uncle Tats, played for a while before going home. we are such addicts for billiards :| :|

xx, nix
I'm telling you people, watch HANGOVER II.
"BANGKOK has him now" -what you'll hear over and over again :))

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